Validating multiple checkboxes using javascript sex dating in archdale north carolina

30-Aug-2017 12:05

It is a good practice to use the j Query $(document).on('ready pjax:complete') event to prevent the code from executing until the page is fully loaded, it is especially needed when using the ajax-mode in the 3.0.0 and upper default templates: Caution when using brackets () in scripts : Expression manager uses brackets () to enclose expressions.If you have to use brackets in your Java Script, you must add a space or line feed after the opening bracket () This is from a survey that is a invitation to a longer party, when the user clicks to the next page, the calculated results will be shown.First, use answer code like that: XX for the first question, and XXYYY for the second one.Answer of the second question filter if the 2 first letters are the answer of the first question.

also works for multiple numeric and multiple short text).

You could also replace "disable" with "remove" to get rid of it altogether.

Tested with 1.92 Firefox 9.0 If you have a country, state, and city set of questions (or similar), you could code answer options as: Q1 Country Single choice list (ratio, dropdown) X country# Q2 State Single choice list (dropdown) XY state# Q3 City Single choice list (dropdown) XYZZ city# Now you must put the following Javascript code in the source of question 2 (State): Each question must be in different pages of survey to work, i.e.

We use 1000X1XX1X2 for the example, question had to be on separate page (question by question for example).

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The second question had to be a dropdown list (we can do similar workaround, but droplis is the best). It leaves the answer in the select box, but disables it. Click the edit icon and create your own headline within the javascript section starting with "! Then add a short note about the version you have used when creating your workaround, you can copy/paste this code snippet ''Tested with: (enter Lime Survey version and maybe browser)''.

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